Advancing the performance of Police

The New Zealand Police commissioned us to help them transform the performance of its 13,000 staff following a public tender to provide a business-wide performance transformation framework.


We deployed our Performance Transformation Programme under the brand name the Police High-Performance Framework in December 2015 which has since been rolled out across all 12 Districts and its 8 Wellington-based Service Centres.

Although the formal case study has yet to be carried out, experts are describing it as one of the most successful public sector transformations in New Zealand’s history.

Why did Police deploy our programme?

The reason the New Zealand Police deployed our programme was because newly appointed Commissioner Mike Bush was committed to improving the performance and culture of Police following the 2004 Commission of Enquiry into Police conduct carried out by Dame Margaret Bazley.

Although the Commission outlined 47 recommendations in its report, Commissioner Bush believed the organisation needed to overhaul the entire operation if it was to deliver the outcomes the Government was seeking.

Due to extent of the change required, a public tender was published seeking suitable vendors to help the Commissioner transform the organisation which was won by Steel Performance Solutions Limited.    

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