Business Reset

COVID-19 Executive Workshops
Business Reset
A two-day Workshop to help Executive Leadership Teams think about how to transform their business following the impact of the Coronavirus.

What does it do?

This workshop is designed to help ELT’s understand the drivers of workplace performance so they can transform their business for a different future.


Who’s it for?

ELT’s whose business will require a fundamental change to navigate the post COVID-19 era. 


How is it delivered?

COVID-19 Executive Workshops are delivered by our Principal and Founder, Craig Steel.

$ 2,500+ GST
Executive Reset
$ 4,500+ GST
Strategic Reset
$ 8,000+ GST
Business Reset

Day 1

Foundation of Human Performance

Craig will start by stepping you through the principles of human performance. This model, described by experts as one of the single greatest breakthroughs in human performance, explains the factors that govern people’s performance. By understanding this model, it will help you identify what you will need to change within your organisation to improve its performance going forward.


Structural Integrity Framework

He will then step you through our Structural Integrity Framework to help you identify the strategic levers you will need to focus on to maximise the impact of your efforts. It is the application of this model that has enabled organisations like the New Zealand Police to achieve what global experts have described as one of the most successful Government transformation programmes in recent history.


Strategic Reset

Craig will then help you clarify your strategic priorities for the business going forward. This will include an explanation as to how to articulate them in order to align your workforce with them. He will also explain why conventional systems such as balanced scorecards don’t work and what you can do to improve it, i.e. staff alignment and engagement.  


Day 2

Business Reset:

Craig will start day 2 by helping you refine your revised strategy into a set of priorities for the business going forward. This will include identifying current outputs versus the required outcomes necessary to achieve your strategic aspirations.


Executive Mindset:

He will then finish your workshop by facilitating a discussion with your Executive to help you create the right mindset to drive a new level or point of focus going forward.


Steel Performance Solutions

For Auckland based organisations, we recommend completing the workshop in our board room at our office in Newmarket.

This is because it is helpful to get away from our normal place of work when we are engaging in an important strategic conversation of this nature.

It is also a performance-lab so conducive to performance-based conversations. 

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