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Just like elite sports teams, businesses and government organisations excel through the collective effect of superior individual performance.

Today, building a winning team is not only the answer to the productivity challenge, it’s the key to securing long-term competitive advantage.

If you are serious about performance, and believe your organisation has the potential to do more, our revolutionary Steel Performance System™ is the answer.

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Irrespective of industry, our process will take your business to the next level


Equip your people with the tools to perform at an optimum level.

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Build a culture of exceptional trust, engagement and performance.

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Increase your team's ability to win.

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As US Professor Paul Krugman once said, ‘Productivity isn’t everything, but in the end it is almost everything’.

For this reason, finding new and better ways to improve your people’s productivity is vital to your organisation’s ongoing success.

Despite the fact businesses are investing more in their people than ever before, research suggests the majority of initiatives undertaken to improve their performance fail.

This is because most initiatives are either focused on one particular facet of the business meaning it only effects that aspect of the business or, it is skills based training to support specific individuals therefore it has no material impact on the organisation as a whole.

Why the Steel Performance System™ is different

The Steel Performance System™ on the other hand is a business-wide framework that helps organisations transform the performance of every team and individual in their company.

By introducing the Steel Performance System™, businesses are not only able to realise a more radical change than what conventional practices allow, but experience that change more quickly.

In short, the Steel Performance System™ supercharges organisations thereby enabling them to produce more from their existing workforce.

It is the combination of our breakthrough technology and unique deployment model that has prompted experts to describe it as the most powerful performance improvement tool ever developed.

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As the cost of delivery increases, governments around the world need to improve the quality of services they provide.

Today, taxpayers not only want and need answers to complex social challenges, those responsible for delivering them need to be clearer about their purpose and the value they add to the communities they serve.

If you are committed to improving the outcomes your service provides, the Steel Performance System™ can help you achieve it.

We help both state services and government agencies improve the performance of their people using a unique process we initially developed for elite athletes.

Since introducing this process, executives say it has not only provided the solution they’ve been looking for, it has helped them realise a universal shift in workplace performance and engagement.

Why the Steel Performace System™ is different

The Steel Performance System™ is a purpose-built tool designed to help large scale organisations transform the performance and productivity of their workforce.

Unlike conventional training, the Steel Performance System™ changes the way your people think and ultimately how they perform.

By introducing proven performance transformation tools, the Steel Performance System™ enables organisations to not only realise a more radical change than what conventional practices allow, but experience lasting change more quickly.

In short, the Steel Performance System™ powers up public entities thereby enabling them to deliver greater value from their existing workforce.

By deploying the Steel Performance System™ in your organisation, it will help your people take a significant step forward.

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As every athlete knows, winning matters. That’s why developing the capability to out-perform the competition is paramount.

In this day and age, the success of both teams and sporting organisations alike rests on their ability to win.

Today, getting ahead of the competition is top of mind for sporting administrators globally. While it’s obviously the difference between winning and losing on the day, a team’s ability to stay in front is critical to its future.

Although our process has long been considered by athletes as the best performance improvement programme on the market, the introduction of the Steel Performance System™ allows sporting bodies to transform the performance of their entire organisation.

Why the Steel Performance System™ is different

The Steel Performance System™ is a high-performance framework for professional teams and national sporting organisations alike.

Originally developed to help individual athletes win on the world stage, it has been refined to allow organisations to leverage our technology across their entire business.

This includes the transformation of national sporting organisations wanting to lift their profile and/or individual teams wanting to improve their international competitiveness.

If you are ready to take the performance of your organisation to the next level, The Steel Performance System™ is the answer.

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The Steel Performance System™ is a business-wide framework that enables organisations to transform their productivity and competitiveness.

Why the Steel Performance SystemTM works

The Steel Performance System™ uses proven technology, initially designed to help athletes win on the world stage. After more than a decade of commercial testing, this unique system is now available to help organisations optimise the performance of their workforce.

At its core, the Steel Performance System™ is designed to help businesses unlock the potential of their people in order to transform their performance and productivity. It acheives this by changing the way people think, thereby changing their attitude towards their work and what they are capable of producing.

Since introducing the Steel Performance System™, executives say it has not only transformed the way they operate, it has helped them realise a dramatic improvement in workplace performance and engagement.

How it’s implemented

The Steel Performance System™ is different than what organisations are accustomed to. Instead of using disconnected tools and processes to improve different parts of the business, it allows organisations to deploy a single cutting-edge solution to transform their entire operation.

The Steel Performance System™ consists of five interconnected frameworks that together, target the drivers of workplace performance. By deploying these frameworks sequentially, they create a cultural shift that transforms an organisation's mind-set and effectiveness.

The Steel Performance System™ offers a breakthrough in workforce management. Because it is a ‘leader-led’ process, it positions your managers as the drivers of the programme thereby enabling them to lead the culture change you are looking for throughout their workgroups.

Because the introduction of each framework produces a ‘step-change’ in performance in its own right, the Steel Performance System™ is typically rolled out over a three-year period. This includes a 3-6 month preparation phase followed by the deployment of one framework every six months until all five frameworks are in place. This timeframe not only allows you to embed each framework without disrupting daily operations, it ensures they deliver the outcomes you are after on a continuing basis.

To maximise the impact of each framework, we deploy them top down using a combination of performance workshops and team based activities to ensure participants understand how to apply the technology in their daily work. In addition to this, we provide powerful online tools to ensure their uptake of the technology eclipses all that you and they have experienced before.


What you will gain from the Steel Performance System™


An unrivalled insight into the factors that govern human performance.


A world-leading process to improve performance at every level of your business.


A highly differentiated way to attract, develop and retain talent.

The Steel Performance System™ has been tested in virtually every sector including science, engineering, telecommunications, banking, construction, manufacturing, education and law.

More than 20 years of research, 20 world cup and world championship titles, and over 20,000 hours of continual refinement have enabled us to build a process that revolutionises workplace performance.

What does it cost?

The Steel Performance System™ can be deployed within an organisation for as little as the price of a cup of coffee per person per week.

The Steel Performance System™ in action

Here is a sample of organisations that have deployed our system.

The Steel Performance System™ platform

Powerful online tools are deployed to support the implementation of the Steel Performance System™. This ensures they not only achieve maximum impact across the business, but transform people's experience working in and for your organisation.


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About us

The Steel Performance System™ is the life work of our principal and founder, Craig Steel.

Craig is a veteran of the performance industry and considered by many to be Australasia’s foremost performance expert.

Two decades ago, Craig made one of the greatest breakthroughs in international sport by discovering why and how athletes capitulate.

The effectiveness of his findings were immediate, prompting athletes across multiple sports to adopt his system to help them compete on the world stage. Since introducing his system, the athletes Craig has assisted have amassed over 20 World-Cup and World Championship titles between them.

Following his success with sports people, a number of New Zealand’s most respected business leaders asked Craig if he could do for them what he was doing for athletes.

This gave Craig the opportunity to test his system in a commercial setting. The first organisation that applied it increased its sales by 407% in four months; proving it could be applied to business.

Since then, the Steel Performance System™ has proven to be up to 10 times more effective than conventional best practice; hence it’s considered by many to be the best performance improvement tool ever developed.

Find out how the Steel Performance System™ can transform your organisation.
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