Leadership Programme

Performance Optimisation Programme
Leadership Programme
Our Leadership Programme helps organisations improve the performance of their leadership cohort thereby increasing their influence and impact on the business.

Unlike conventional practices, LP enables organisations to improve the performance of every leader in a business to help them better fulfil the ‘Principal Responsibilities of Leadership’.

Having examined leadership impact in the workplace for over a decade, Craig developed a framework to help managers improve the performance of their workgroups using the tools he developed for elite coaches.

By deploying this programme, it enables organisations to institute these learnings on masse thereby enabling their managers to be more impactful and influential leaders.

“SPS’ extraordinary frameworks and capability have proven such an effective combination; we’ve made it our primary leadership and performance management tool.”

Peter McClure
CEO, Fonterra Brands NZ
Why our LP works

Our Leadership Programme works because it improves the performance of those who set the pace and standards your organisation works to, i.e. your leaders.

Unlike conventional systems that try to improve the performance of individual managers, our Leadership Programme reaches every leader in a business thereby enabling you to transform the effectiveness of your leadership cohort as a whole.

Specifically, it steps your managers through a structured process to optimise their performance as the operational leaders of your business.

How it’s implemented

Our LP is implemented via a series of workshops to clarify your aspirations for the business and secondly, equip your managers with the tools to better lead their workgroups.

This includes the preparation of a performance-focused Game Plan (Step 1) that highlights the outcomes you need them to deliver, a Development Plan that targets the things that will make the greatest difference to their leadership (Step 2), a true performance-oriented Progress Reviewer to ensure they are meeting expectations (Step 3) and a world-leading Performance Reviewer (Step 4) to optimise their performance and impact on an ongoing basis; as illustrated in our Annual Performance Cycle below.


Annual Performance Cycle:




Why is our process better?

The reason our Annual Performance Cycle is more powerful than conventional systems is because it is not only underpinned by our world-leading performance improvement process, it’s because it’s a fully integrated process that’s focused on the principle drivers of human performance.

By deploying our LP programme, it will enable you to step-change the performance of your leaders thereby increasing their impact on the business.

Transform your business for as little as the price of a cup of coffee per person per week
How our pricing structure and licensing works
Your license to transform

Our Performance Improvement Programmes are licensed products designed to transform your people’s performance and productivity.

Unlike training courses that only benefit those who attend the training, our programmes are designed to support organisations in their entirety.

To make pricing easy, we charge customers based on the programme they choose and the number of people they employ. This ensures you only pay for what you need while reflecting the fact they add ever greater value the longer they are applied.

Our pricing model

License Fees

Each programme includes a one-off Setup Fee to ready the programme for your business, an Annual License Fee that allows you to use our tools or Intellectual Property at the level/s agreed and optional Delivery Fees to provide additional support to your business should you require it.

Please note: The Setup Fee includes the customisation of our Platform and Template Software to reflect your business, your Executive level Workshops to ready the programme for your business and the Administrative support required to help you embed the programme in your business.

To find out what it would cost to deploy one of our Performance Optimisation Programmes in your business, please contact us for a quote.

Delivery fees 

Our variable Delivery fees allow you to choose the level of support you need to deploy it. For example, some of our customers want us to teach every person in their organisation how to use our tools (Process), others prefer to focus on their managers and HR Advisors while others only need us to teach their most senior leaders. At the end of the day, the choice is yours and can be amended at any time.

Good to know

Intellectual property

It’s important to note that we don’t sell our programmes (or IP) but instead, we issue organisations with the rights to use them over a set term with an automatic right to renew them for future terms.

Licensing period

The minimum initial licensing period is one year for our Performance Optimisation Programmes and three years for our Performance Transformation Programme.

A long term solution

Our programmes aren't designed to act as short-term solutions to fix minor issues. Instead, they are designed to provide a powerful performance improvement process to help organisations excel on an ongoing basis.

Which programme should we choose?

The first thing to work out is whether you should proceed with one of our Performance Optimisation Programmes or our Performance Transformation Programme.

Either way, our programmes should be deployed for one reason and that it is to help your people deliver better outcomes.

Further to this, they enable organisations to introduce common tools and language across every level of the business.

What do staff make of them?

Since introducing our programmes, the majority of staff describe their introduction as either the best thing their company has ever done and/or the most impactful (life changing) process they have ever encountered as an individual.

By deploying our programmes, it enables organisations to realise a dramatic improvement in workplace relations thereby transforming their people’s commitment and contribution to the business.

Why don’t conventional systems work?

The reason conventional approaches don’t work is because they are predominately compliance based processes that focus on the management of people as a resource rather than equipping them with the tools to perform to their potential in their role. As a result, staff rarely engage in the spirit of their intent and instead, see them as a way to try and extract more out of them.

Our programmes, on the other hand, are seen in a far more positive light as people know they are there for the betterment of them and the organisation. This enables companies to achieve a breakthrough in staff engagement as they change the way employees think about their role and how best to fulfil it.

In practical terms, what’s the difference?

Based on our research, we could see the greatest impediment to improving staff performance and engagement in most businesses is the systems they use to manage their people.

By adopting a true High Trust > High Engagement model, it enables organisations to create a bottom up movement across every level of the business thereby transforming its ability to operate. 

Why is this relevant?

As you know, your people are critical to your success as a business. If you want them to do more, you have to give them the tools to be more.

For this reason, equipping your people with the tools to deliver better outcomes in their role is how you will increase the profitability and share value of your company.

Although organisations have invested billions trying to achieve this, most people-focused initiatives in use are less effective than their proponents state. The reason we believe this is the case is because they are either compliance-based initiatives that do nothing for staff engagement or they are individual or team based activities that may provide value to the individuals involved but have no material impact on the organisation as a whole.

Our programmes, on the other hand, are different because they focus on the application of tools that improve focus and performance across the entire business.  

Choosing the best programme for you
Deciding which programme is best for you is more straight forward than it might seem.

The first thing to work out is whether you should proceed with one of our Performance Optimisation Programmes or our business-wide Performance Transformation Programme.

Our Performance Optimisation Programmes are designed to help organisations that have well-established processes optimise the performance of their people whereas our Performance Transformation Programme enables organisations to overhaul their entire people and capability systems in order to replace it with a true performance-focused process to better inform their HR ecosystem as a whole. 

Although the impact of our Performance Transformation Programme on a business is typically greater, it isn’t automatically the best option. For example, organisations that have global practices they need to adhere to are better to proceed with a Performance Optimisation Programme to prevent the likelihood of competing systems. Equally, business units or departments wanting to proceed with a programme are better to go with a Performance Optimisation Programme for the same reason.

Organisations wanting to step-change the way they engage their people, and have the ability to overhaul their entire system, are better to deploy our Performance Transformation Programme as it offers a completely different way of working. One that not only recognises the potential of every individual but one that will transform the way you engage them.   

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